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captures unique moments in an extraordinary and evocative work of art.


What is it?

Is a process that engages with the implied value of things. Often “things” appear to be worthless, insignificant or simply, no longer having practical use —- if indeed it/they ever had such a function! Framing of objects by nature immediately vests them with a sense of importance, of preciousness! This is the “Box”. Through the addition of other compositional elements, the object(s) acquire added meaning and/or ceremonial presence.



Objects found by me, or donated by followers of History in a Box, are raised to valued importance through the addition of compositional elements . The elements are composed within bespoke boxes using exotic timbers. These works can be found on the website and/or Instagram.



Is literally anything you want preserved for prosperity! It could be:

Objects or mementos from special events

Something you have found

Things that are only important to you

Elements of you and/or your family’s history

How do you proceed?

How do you proceed?

Maurie Hughes can be contacted for an appointment through the website, Instagram or mobile phone. At the appointment we will discuss possible treatments/solutions to the point where you are satisfied that you wish to proceed and happy with the quoted price . Please note there is no charge for the consultation. There are no deposits required but payment will be required when the box is finished.

Please note that there are no formal opening hours however casual appointments to personally view works on the website/Instagram are most welcome.



Sometimes “found” objects arrive at History in a Box that won’t be enhanced by a box, but by their very nature are in need of treatment(s) that will underline/elevate their preciousness and/or history.



Everything needs context. Bespoke boxes create the context. Your objects are composed to create their own preciousness. The cycle is complete!

History in a Box

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History in a Box … between forgetting and imagining are the boxes of history.