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Installation – Ewing and George Patton Galleries 1979
  -    -  Installation – Ewing and George Patton Galleries 1979

Ewing and George Patton Galleries 1979


  • These steel bars were recovered from the construction of the Victorian Railways Underground Loop. The twenty-millimetre steel plate was used as formwork. As it was discarded it found its way to the Vic Railways Reclamation yard in Spotswood. The steel was collected from there and transported to the studio where it was oxy/acetylened into irregular strips/sticks. These in turn were wrapped/protected with soft materials such as canvass, felt and medical bandages, and attached to the bars with mild steel wire. This photo is a fraction of the original installation which consisted of 150 individual bars placed within two U shaped rooms facing each other and separated by a short passage. The exhibition was accompanied by a poster with the words listed below:

aggressors, cradles & watchers

towers, wounds, & idols

bandages, possessions & burials

barriers, wands & warriors

reservations, defences & icons

protectors, exists & shrines

compounds, malevolence & stretches

ceremonies, enemies & pyres

ties, survivors & dirges

remembrance, pacifiers & sentries